"Things like this just don't happen! This is real life, not a movie."

- Some human, at least once every few episodes

Codename: Working Title and its spinoffs, Codename: Intentionally Left Blank and Codename: Sunforged, tell the story of a select group of extraordinary humans recruited by a top secret government organization, known only as The Agency, following the revelation that supernatural creatures exist. Each country has its own Agency, and the American location is in Peachtree, Georgia, population 2,000.

The machinations and violence of werewolves, vampires, fairies, mages, and all other manner of creatures serve as both a catalyst for and the backdrop of very human stories. Codename is your favorite over-the-top supernatural TV show, filled with drama, romance, and kickass action sequences.

Agents are imminent. Do not resist when they arrive.

IF THIS IS A MISTAKE, continue by confirming your identity and relevant clearance level.


Codename: Sunforged

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